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Avatar Name Position Bio Social Media
Soldier Director I present the Drive Time show, helping you get home from a busy day.
Kane Director Join me Friday's from 6pm for The Ultimate Party
lloydy Asst. Director This is Madness FM, Get in touch with the studio.
Slyfox Asst. Director Hi im a dj!
Starz Radio Manager
Deemarie Asst. Director hi I am DJ DJ DeeMarie I do My own remixers and you can find me on mondays , Tuesdays and sundays with the wind down show and saturday nights with the warm up show playing the latest hits , 80's,90's,00's and bit of dance/trance/old skool and more


Avatar Name Position Bio Social Media
Tyrone Presenter
Maysie Presenter
Aussie Music Man Presenter I present things!
DJ Hendo Presenter

Sales Team

Avatar Name Position Bio Social Media
Jack Advertising Coordinator