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Avatar Name Position Bio Social Media
Kane Director Join me Friday's from 6pm for The Ultimate Party
Soldier Director I present the Drive Time show, helping you get home from a busy day.
Slyfox Director Check me out on air Monday - Thursday with the Chill Out Zone. Fridays with the Party Mix and Sundays with the Love Zone.
lloydy Asst. Director This is Madness FM, Get in touch with the studio.


Avatar Name Position Bio Social Media
Tyrone Presenter Check out the Schedule when Im on air. Playing the best msuci mix
Maysie Presenter Broardcasting Live from Australia to you across the world!
Smithy Trial DJ Hi I'm Mike from Newcastle, United Kingdom, I'm 41, I love chinese and Indian food, I love 80's and 90's music of course being brought up within that time frame, todays charts don't appeal to me, but I'm happy to taste anything from the current charts, as long as it doesn't include Baby Shark
DJ DeeMarie Trial DJ Playing the Best music mix, All Day every day.
DJ Brendon Trial DJ Playing the best music mix, all day 24/7

Sales Team

Avatar Name Position Bio Social Media
Jack Advertising Coordinator I help out with the sales of Madness FM. Keeping us on air!