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Interviewed Kane the Owner/Station Director of Madness FM

Posted: 30 Jul 20 - 17:49 BST by DJ Lorenzo

Hello, I am DJ. Lorenzo and I am a presenter at Madness FM. Last night, I interviewed Kane the owner/station director of Madness FM. Here is what he said to me when I interviewed him.

My first question to Kane our Station Director was "How old was you were you started DJing?" he replied with the following.

"I was about 13/14y when I got into DJing. Before that I was getting help with my speech, I have come a long way since then. When I was in college I was doing IT etc at the time. I really wanted to do more so, one day one of my teachers came to me and ask if I wanted to DJ. I said yes and my teacher got in touch with some people at Tameside Radio for me, I was so happy.

My next question was "How did you think about making Madness FM and getting started?" he replied with the following.

"Well, when I was working at Tameside Radio I was offers DJ volunteer work for a different Radio. After a while I left the station and went back to college for a bit doing my BTEC level 3 in IT. One day, I went onto YouTube and found a tutorial on how to DJ online. It was good to learn at my own rate.

More interviews with management to come soon such as Jfrank our Radio Manager and Pavv the Assistant Director- stay tuned and updated!