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Like what you hear? Think that you can do a better job?

Why not apply to join the team.

What we provide?

  • Jingles
  • Software
  • Training
  • Learn new skills and meet people
  • Permanent Slot*

* This can depends on if there are permanent slots avalible. We will sort out something to accomadate your show.

Avalible Positions

Presenter Criteria

  • Must have a working Microphone and Decent Internet.
  • Must have a large music library.
  • Must be enthusiastic to be a presenter.
  • Must be 16 Years old to be a presenter (This can be under the discretion depending on maturity.)
  • Must be able to speak English. (No matter if you are overseas, as long as your English is at a good standard.)

The Apply Process

Once you are accepted, you will be a Trial DJ for 2 Weeks which is based on how you go with shows etc.